ANTI PASTI(Starters)
* Cheese Garlic Bread 175
  Garlic flavored bread, topped with mozzarella & oven baked.
* Bruschetta al Pomodoro 175
  Toasted Bread, Tomato, Garlic and Olive Oil
* French Fries 150
  Potato Strips, deep fried
* French Fries with Honey Chilli/ Cheese 180
  Potato Strips, deep fried, Seasoned with Honey chilli/ cheese
* Potato Wedges 150
  Potato Wedges Fried, Seasoned
* Potato Wedges with Honey Chilli/ Cheese 150
  Potato Wedges Fried, Seasoned with Honey chilli/ cheese
* Pita Bread with Hummus 185
  A round leavened flat bread served along with hummus
* Mushroom and Cheese Crostini 175
  Grilled mushroom on bread, topped with cheese and baked
in the oven
* Mozzarella Ricotta Fingers 245
  Mozzarella, Ricotta, Herbs and Crumb Fried
* Funghi Saltati con pesto 230
  Mushroom pan fried with olive oil, garlic, pepper
salt with basil pesto.
* Barbeque Funghi 230
  Mushroom & onion pan fried with olive oil &
tossed with barbeque sauce
* Grilled Broccoli and Cheese 265
  Florets of Broccoli, seasoned, topped with Mozzarella
and grilled.
* Mixed Bruschetta 185
  2pc each of Bruschetta, Mushroom crostini and
Chicken crostini.
* Salsicce alla Griglia 245
  Grilled sausages, onions and bell peppers, tossed in a
seasoned tomato and berry sauce.
* Polpette Chicken 245
  Seasoned Chicken Mince Patty ,Basil on Cheese Toast
* Sesame Chicken 265
  Chicken Strips and Crumb fried.
* Bastoncini di pesce 265
  Flavoured fish fingers, fried & served with
cream spiced dip.
* Barbeque Chicken 265
  Sliced chicken, onion & capsicum pan fried with olive oil
& tossed with barbeque sauce..
* Spicy Chicken Wings 265
  Chicken wings marinated with spicy mix and oven baked
* Batter fried Crispy wings 265
  Chicken wings dusted with Italian seasoning.